Wada sensei acknowledged (again!)

Videography, Design, Manga
Wada sensei with his award
A furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, around the award. Pretty, huh?

Animation guru and all-round good guy Atsushi Wada has been recognized again for his outstanding achievements in drawing and animation.

The Hyogo prefecture government recognised Wada sensei with a cultural acknowledgement award for the creation of animation with original, subtle drawings that touch the subconscious mind.

Wada sensei said he was happy, humbled and surprised to receive the recognition. 

"Last year (2016) I got the award given by Hyogo prefecture. Previously (2015) I won "神戸市文化奨励賞(Kobe-shi Bunka Shoureishou)", which is given by Kobe city. So I couldn't believe I could get awards from my city and prefecture for the second year in a row."

Well, we can certainly believe it!

To check out more of his work, click on Wada sensei's name. Also click on furoshiki techniques to learn more about the versatile cloth.  

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