Symposium on Culturally Familiar Material Development


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Please click here to download the symposium booklet.

The registration room is A46b. It is on level 4 of building 本館, which can be found here

From the main entrance, please take the first flight of stairs you see. There will be signs and a person there to help, if needed.

Also, below is a schedule of speakers if you don't want the comprehensive booklet above (but you really should want the above).

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Prof Torigoe

Prof Ando

Opening remarks.

Opening remarks.

9:50-10:50 featured workshop

Prof Murphey

Featured workshop - Transformative Translingual Songlet Singing.

11:00-11:30 (3 parallel presentations)


Michael Hollenback

Mulia Teguh Nguyen

Daniel Andrzejewski

Research for Justice: How to Investigate Culture in EFL Textbooks.

The Japanese Classroom Memory Palace

Implementing Kubota’s “Four Ds” Approach to Culture in EFL Classrooms.

11:40-12:10 (3 parallel sessions)

Joan Gilbert


Nathan Ducker

Hershey Wier

Preparing students to address conflicting cultural differences through awareness of their local culture.

Conversation management strategies for intercultural conversations.

Hidden reasons for a lack of culturally appropriate materials in EFL education: A call for awareness, inclusivity and student empowerment.




13:20-14:20 Plenary

Prof Yasuko Koshiyama

Is Culture/Language Mismatch a Problem? Developing a Japanese and English Hybrid Language Class/Textbook

14:30-15:00 (3 parallel sessions)

Olivia Kennedy

Mehrasa Alizadeh

Joshua Solomon

Falling in love (again): Baseball, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus.

Visuals in EFL Materials: What Teachers Should Know.

Workshop on “Translating Japan to the World”.

15:10- 15:40 (3 parallel sessions)

John Jackson & Gordon Carlson


Michael Iwane-Salovaara


Jeanette Kobayashi

Using culturally familiar material to measure gains in writing and listening skills - a qualitative study.

The contrasting role responsibility plays in Japanese and English communication and the influence of kishoutenketsu.

Constructivism and creating culturally familiar material.

15.50-16:50 featured workshop  

Prof Greg Goodmacher

Developing Intercultural Competence through Japanese Culture & EFL.


17:00-17:30 (3 parallel sessions)


Daniel Tang

Shirley Ando, Noriko Mori & Susette Burton

Robert Sheridan & Kathryn Tanaka

Culturally familiar material and its impact on speaking.

Kitsuneudon, Omotenashi and all things Japanese: Revisiting the Past to Engage EF Learners.

Culturally Familiar Materials Creation: Capturing student interest by using news and pop culture.

17:40-17:50 closing

Prof Ashihara

Closing remarks.

18:00 Reception/dinner


Reception at E’s Kitchen.


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