A Distinctive Academic Environment

As a center for diverse, lifelong education, Otemae University aims to contribute to the regional community and international society. Based on our founding philosophy of “STUDY FOR LIFE”, our goal is to provide students with a comprehensive education and instill in them an energetic spirit of personal development, sophisticated international sensibilities, and communicative abilities through the pursuit of specialized academic education and research.
We employ an individualized unit-based elective system that allows students to choose their own tailor-made curriculum to suit their academic goals.
A unit is a group of courses that are classified according to the content and aim of the subjects offered.
All faculties at the university allow students to create and study their own unique curriculum by combining units and individual subjects from any faculty according to the student's own growth, broadening interests, and intended future career paths. This learning style crosses the boundaries of faculties and deepens students' expertise while simultaneously providing them with a well-rounded academic experience. Otemae University acknowledges the student's main field of specialization through a system of academic majors and minors.
The main academic majors recognized by each faculty are as follows:

Faculty of Cultural and Historical Studies

Japanese History, World History, Geography, Archaeology, Tourism Business, International Communication, Comparative Cultural Studies

Faculty of Media and Arts

Painting, 3D Modeling , Dye Craft, Visual Design, Architecture and Interior Design, Manga, Animation , Media Study, Publishing and Editing, Subcultural Studies

Faculty of Modern Social Studies

Psychology, Information&Technology, Sociology, Business, Social Welfare and Health Studies

All faculties

English communication