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Mission & Vision

Founding Philosophy

Formerly known as Otemae Women's University, Otemae University took its first steps as a coeducational tertiary institution in 2000. On the occasion of the university's 60th anniversary celebration in 2006 and in consideration of its original founding philosophy of providing young women with a rich, comprehensive education, the university decided to adopt its long-advocated motto of, “STUDY FOR LIFE”, as the new founding philosophy in order to develop and evolve as a provider of higher education.


The mission of Otemae University is to nurture students with broad as well as specialized knowledge, self-development of the mind, international perspectives and problem-solving ability, and to contribute to the local and international community as a center of education, research and lifelong learning.


  1. Provide “Study for Life”: lifelong learning opportunities for everyone, regardless of nationality, region, race, religion, age or gender.
  2. Nurture individuals with a strong sense of ethics and determination, capable of solving challenging problems in society in a cooperative manner.
  3. Contribute to the development of the local and international community through education and research.


Admission Policy

We offer admission to students with a broad range of potential, who fully understand our Philosophy, irrespective of nationality. To this end, Otemae University utilizes multiple entrance examination systems and admission guidelines that adhere to strict and appropriate selection criteria. The University opens the door to promising students with the qualities and abilities listed below.

  1. Basic knowledge, abilities and potential to solve problems
  2. Intellectual curiosity and determination to maximize their potential
  3. Ambition to contribute to society coupled with a strong sense of social responsibility

(Graduate school)
Based on our university’s founding philosophy, "Study for life," we encourage comparative study and the investigation of cultural phenomena such as literature, history, philosophy, society and art in Japan and other Asian countries, as well as the US and Europe. We accept students with outstanding qualities who demonstrate a keen sense ofinternational interconnections, who have skills that will make it possible for them to contribute to a global society.

Curriculum Policy

Otemae University provides a true liberal arts education. We are building a curriculum that furnishes students with broad as well as specialized knowledge, self-development of the mind, international perspectives and problem-solving ability.
Otemae University takes full advantage of its cutting-edge educational system, “C-PLATS®”, as a core method for problem-solving-ability development, uniquely designed by Otemae University, along with “Problem-Based Learning (PBL)” and “Self-Directed Learning (SDL) as supporting pedagogical methods. All courses in Otemae University integrate C-PLATS®, PBL and SDL, so that students can fully develop C-PLATSR abilities before graduation.
Otemae University organizes curriculum according to the policies listed below.

  1. In all courses offered by the university, C-PLATS®: 10 competencies (listed below) required for problem solving are cultivated.
    1. Society Basis: Teamwork, Social Responsibility
    2. Thinking Basis: Creativity, Planning, Logical Thinking, Analysis
    3. Action Basis: Communication, Presentation, Leadership, Action
  2. We cultivate multiple perspectives, humanity, expertise and abilities for problem solving, by a system of interdisciplinary coursework, enabling students to take any course, regardless of which discipline they belong to.
  3. We offer a curriculum and educational system designed to encourage active, self-motivated, and spontaneous learning.
  4. We design a curriculum and courses systematically with consideration for the most effective learning sequence to maximize academic achievements.
  5. We provide an ideal educational program and ensure the quality of education, by constantly revising our educational programs and conducting fair and appropriate evaluations.

Diploma Policy

Based on our founding philosophy, mission, objectives and educational policies, Otemae University certifies graduation and confers a degree to those who we believe are capable of contributing to society. Students who have completed their program, earned sufficient credits, and cleared our strict evaluation criteria in both compulsory and specialized courses, are qualified for conferment of a degree.
Owing to our original state-of-the-art visualization system of academic achievements and our fair and strict implementation of achievement evaluation, Otemae University guarantees all graduates with our diploma have social skills, as well as practical and specialized knowledge and a sense of responsibility as a member of society, as listed below.

  1. C-PLATS® 10 competencies and specialized knowledge in his/her chosen field, ultimately enable students to voluntarily think, make decisions and act for the purpose of contributing to society.
    1. Society Basis: Teamwork, Social Responsibility
    2. Thinking Basis: Creativity, Planning, Logical Thinking, Analysis
    3. Action Basis: Communication, Presentation, Leadership, Action
  2. Ability to find problems and solve them in a cooperative and collaborative manner with others.
  3. Rich sense of humanity, high ethical standards and a keen awareness of social responsibilities.

Action Principles

Administration, faculty and staff are committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities as a provider of higher education and research as well as acting fairly and honestly, with the highest ethical standards.

  1. Respect human rights, character, personality, values and privacy of students, faculty and all affiliated with our University.
  2. Make utmost efforts to provide “Study for Life” to everyone who is eager to learn.
  3. Offer an agora of ideal education, where the teaching staff respects students’ individuality, students have active intellectual discussions, inspire each other and cultivate their problem-solving ability to the maximum.
  4. Support self-motivated students so that they can enjoy an optimal academic environment on a safe, healthy and comfortable campus.
  5. Provide responsible support for students to set a goal in life, make a career plan to clear the path to their goal and prepare for their full entrance into the real world.
  6. Cherish future-oriented partnerships with our graduates, our greatest assets, and work for the further evolvement of Otemae University with our alumni networks.
  7. Serve as a hub institution of education and research in the local community and contribute to society by collaborating with them.
  8. Contribute to the international community by promoting academic and personnel exchanges with universities and institutions in various parts of the world, respecting and understanding each other’s culture.
  9. Bear a responsibility to conserve and restore the environment in the community by seeking harmony with our surroundings and promoting the effective use of resources.
  10. Fulfill accountability to society as a public educational institution. In order to enhance quality of education and research, we appropriately disclose information with consideration for privacy and security, in compliance with government regulations.

Otemae Facts

The Japanese version is the authoritative version, and this English translation is intended for reference purposes only. Should any discrepancies or doubts arise between the two versions, the Japanese version will prevail.