Driven by curiosity, explore the source of human culture

Based on Japanese ancient history, research the origins and changes in human activities.

Archeology, through the study of the traces humanity has left behind, such as relics and ruins, is a study to explore the activities and the changes of the human race. Because it is one of the areas of historical study, our students also learn a wide range of ancient history as part of this major. Our archeology major specializes in the archeology of Japan, in addition to the foundation and historical beginnings of the nation. In addition to the academics, our students are also trained in the manners and methods of field surveys.

Acquire knowledge of "cultural assets science," indispensable in archeology today.

Indispensable in the study of archeology is knowledge about the application of the scientific technology "cultural assets science." Through this science, students learn the latest technologies to study cultural assets. They use X-rays to capture the inside of the relics, and our Historical Studies Institute contains state-of-the-art facilities, such as laser equipment for accurate measurements of artefacts. As part of the data collection, students learn how to use a camera for cataloguing.

In the Historical Research Institute, we keep a huge research library and archives of both books and artefacts.

The Historical Research Institute on our campus houses relics that have been unearthed in the field. We also have a lab with advanced technology that is used for research and analysis. We are a leader in the collection, preservation, and research of historical sites and artefacts in Hyogo Prefecture. Our students can study these artefacts directly. Our courses in archaeology are among the high ranks of regional archaeology in Hyogo.