English Communication

Working with English as a "tool" of communication

English is the common language of the world.

"English" is the most commonly spoken second language in the world, and as such its role is more important than many imagine. In today’s world, people often use two languages: their native language and English. The use of English as a lingua franca is growing rapidly all over the world, and so to be global citizens, the power to master the English language is required.

Open your heart to the people that you meet

To someone from another country, English can be a powerful tool to relate your thoughts and ideas. It is a common language for establishing mutual understanding. Our students study English because they want to learn about the rest of the world, and English is a tool to do that. English has become a facilitator of open human relations.

Start from the basics of communication.

By learning in a comprehensive manner the four elements of language study-- "listening", "speaking", and "reading", "writing", students master the basics of communication. In addition, students learn to think in English, present in English, and debate complex topics using their English skills.