International Relations

Think about what is happening in the world today as a personal question!

The historical study of international relations and ethnic issues

Learn the reasons behind the outbreak of international disputes, and consider the direction of the world and Japan’s place in it. Exchange opinions with international exchange students and Japanese peers. Learn from the differences in thinking.

You will learn from international exchanges and activism from the point of view of a "global citizen"

In this major, students study not only the relationships between governments, but they also learn about the ties that connect citizens and the activities of private organizations such as NGOs, and how those activities produced the international cooperation. Through our short-term study abroad programs, our students cultivate ideas and action that goes beyond national borders.

Learn about diverse values, and then "rediscover" their own culture.

The most important thing our students learn in international exchanges is that their own values (things they accept as common sense) are not absolute. International relations helps our students understand their own culture in relation to the rest of the world, an important requirement for participation in a connected, global business network.

You can learn Japanese culture in English.

In international relations, the role of English as the world's common language is particularly important. In addition to our LEO classes, where English is taught in English, we have a course of study about Japan and topics related to Japan in English. We recommend all majors take our Global Japan Studies (GJS) courses.