Japanese Culture/Asian Culture

Beginning with Japan, explore the uniqueness and connectedness of the culture of Asian countries.

Through events in Asian history, things, and objects, deepen the knowledge of culture underpinning society.

All of Asia has a long and interconnected history, which from the earliest times had a great influence on Japanese culture. By studying Asia, students learn familiar cultural themes across the region. By learning both the uniqueness of each country and commonalities different countries share with Japan, students deepen their understanding of culture and events that are happening in the region now.

Students explore the commonalities and the uniqueness of culture in Japan and Asia

From clothing, to food and housing, to entertainment, culture encompasses things close to life. Our students approach these fields comparatively to transcend the traditional academic constraints in cultural studies. In our Japanese and Asian culture major, students study the flow of culture between China, Korea, and Japan. Classes analyze the differences between each country through tools such as classical literature, for example.

Our university has partners with universities in South Korea, China, and other southeast Asian countries

Otemae University has several exchange partnerships with universities in South Korea, China, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and many more. We have not only agreements about academic exchange, but we also carry out exchange programs and overseas training. Our university strongly encourages study abroad, and each year Otemae sends students to our partners, which is a valuable opportunity for our students to learn a new language while directly experiencing a new culture.

The K-Wave in pop culture, such as K-POP and Korean dramas, also allows students to learn about Korean popular culture.

At present, globally, K-POP is a major topic. The performers are touted for their excellent singing ability and choreography. We use such pop culture trends in our classrooms, studying the history of stage performances, and researching the videos and lyrics of popular performers. In addition to being a part of our courses, K-pop has also been a topic in study sessions and a part of club activities. At Otemae we believe you can learn from almost everything around you, and global trends can be an important part of our education.