Unique quest for "architecture" from the perspective of the humanities.

Students learn everything about architecture and interiors, from the cultural and artistic aspects to technical elements.

Architecture and interior design consists of a long history and a wide range of knowledge and technology. Our faculty carefully guides students in the scientific foundations such as building construction and materials mechanics. Students interested in the humanities can approach architecture from a variety of angles as well. We offer a unique humanities and architecture curriculum, where students learn how architecture relates to history, geography, and culture.

Take the manual drafting architect test, learn the technology of two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD to help employment.

Part of the drafting section of the architectural qualification exams is to draw blueprints by hand. Therefore, in this department, students are taught to do drafting by hand from the first year. At the same time, students master two-dimensional and three-dimensional design technology that is required in the building and interiors industry to cultivate practical abilities and give students a range of employment possibilities.

In order to learn how to be a successful architect, you must cherish the site

Our students know that learning does not only happen in the classroom. Our students also have a great deal of on-site experiences and participation. Using time such as summer vacation, students actively participate in internships and community activities programs to deepen their learning.