Design/Figurative Art

The joy of creation and self-expression

Learn the basics of all artistic genres, then pursue areas that interest you

Our art program fosters a wide range of understanding various forms of art, while our students are encouraged to experience the splendor, joy and art of creating. Students produce sophisticated and highly original works, In the first and second years, students study painting, three-dimensional modeling, and dye craft to learn design principles and a wide range of basic knowledge of artistic genres and technology. Students then select a major that matches their artistic aptitude and interests. After their third year, students develop their chosen medium to work professionally.

There is no practical test on the entrance examination. The knowledge and skills required for artistic expression can be learned after admission.

The most important thing for those who aim for artistic representation is rich ideas. Thus, in order to foster all talent and extend student possibilities, there is no practical artistic element on the entrance examination of the university. Even those who did not study drawing in high school can begin to learn here; we have established a system to learn artistic techniques, technology, and history after admission.

Students can hold exhibitions in our Art Center designed by Ando Tadao, a globally renowned architect.

The Art Center is located on our Shukugawa campus. It is dedicated to student exhibition and can be used by all students. The Art Center is designed by Ando Tadao, a globally recognized architect. Exhibitions are held throughout the year, with students taking full advantage of the possibilities of the space.