Media Communication

Looking into the future of society through understanding the media

Learn the art of the utilization of information media, and develop the power to survive in a wired media society.

We live in a media culture and our lives are centered around information media (newspapers, TV, smart phones, SNS and more). Students learn how information is transmitted across a variety of media. They also learn how to promote their own interests or business interests through information transmission. In the media communications major, students learn media literacy as a foundation for success in any industry.

In the classroom and shaped by field experience, students see the evolution of media "now" and into the "future"

Our courses bring in distinguished guest lectures from well-established media sources, such as television and radio professionals. From such experienced professionals and our full-time faculty, students gain a basic knowledge of the current status of mass media in society, and they learn to track the trends that indicate future directions. In specialized seminar studies, invited media experts are active in educating students about the latest industry trends, such as IT-related companies and game software production companies.

Through themes such as "the holy land of anime", students approach popular media topics such as subcultures in an academic way.

Subcultures are a part of mainstream media culture. To analyze the social background of subculture groups and create a more inclusive society students must engage in cultural research that is engaged with media. In this department, students study methodological approaches to subculture and media research. In their third and fourth year seminar, students conduct their own media and culture research, taking practical advantage of the skills they master through the major courses.