Publication Editing

Students are trained to be experts in “Japanese language" and the field of "publication".

From both theory and practice, students acquire expertise in publishing, printing and binding.

Students learn the steps necessary to print and bind books, from the small details of planning and editing books and magazines to the wide range of knowledge about each of the steps necessary to complete the project. As part of the major and student acquisition of "printing and bookbinding knowledge", printing majors take tours of publishers, print shops and bookbinding factories. They also listen to professional commentary. Our majors have the opportunity to experience book and poster making. They are on the forefront of the publishing scene, and eager to learn.

We are the only 4-year university in all of Japan where students can earn an editing qualifications

The publishing industry has been in the past mainly taught through vocational schools. By partnering with the Japan Professional Editor School, Otemae has created a unique curriculum that allows students to earn the national Editing Skills Certification. While aimed at editors and proofreaders, this can also be a valuable certification for students whose jobs require high level Japanese abilities. By offering this course in tandem with broad, 4-year study, our graduates have great potential across many fields.

Through the seminar, students develop the skills necessary to succeed in a knowledge-based society

Seminar study starts in the third year, and graduation research begins in the fourth. Each student takes up the theme of a problems in the publishing industry, researches how to solve them, and then presents their findings. Through their studies, students deepen their knowledge and realize the importance of critical thinking. This lead to the improvement of presentation skills that are essential in the field of publishing and editing work.