Business Management

Cultivate practical knowledge and skills to be an immediate force in society.

Learn business application from the basics of corporate management to a broad, overall, comprehensive business knowledge.

Through our systematic study of business theory, students learn knowledge of corporate management comprehensively, from organizational theory, marketing, advertising, and publicity, to practical skills such as bookkeeping and accounting. These skills can be used in any industry or occupation. This comprehensive knowledge is further necessary for students to succeed in business. An Otemae education prepares students to play active and engaged roles in a global business society.

Learn a variety of ways of living and working to help in future career design.

Students approach employment philosophically, thinking about their future through addressing questions such as "What is the meaning of that work?” and "How would you design your own career path?"
Through numerous case studies about lifestyles and working patterns students acquire the basic knowledge of what it means to be employed and a member of society. They examine themselves, learn to set future goals, and consider what they need to do to achieve their dreams.

Every class introduces learning styles and methods. Students get abilities they can immediately put to use that train them to be lifelong learners.

Rather than using a lecture format that leads to passive learning, Otemae University’s business classes are patterned on methods used in MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs. Students themselves do research, collect data, and present management case studies. Classes rely heavily on group discussion and analysis. Our students learn to research business but also improve practical business abilities, including the ability to solve problems.