Fashion Business

Use fashion to capture the market and society.

Rather than a fashion as a mode, students learn the fashion as a business.

Conventional fashion education primarily is modeled on vocational schools and business education, following patterns of "create and sell." At Otemae University, fashion business majors are intended to capture the market economy and reflect society through the filter of fashion. Students study fashion through four areas, with three axes of <people> <money> <things and living culture> that cross business as defined by the "market," "aesthetics" "values", and "information." At the intersection of fashion as a mode are the Otemae fashion business majors.

Learn the whole picture of the fashion business through interdisciplinary studies

Learn from the four fields that influence fashion business, so that student knowledge creates collaboration and complements while maintaining a high level of expertise. For example, students learn the technique of the VMD (visual merchandising display) as a part of fashion marketing. They study required concepts such as pricing and meeting the break-even point in fashion management. Further, students learn the tenents of internet shop production and management. Our faculty brings not only rich teaching experience in their respective fields, but also a wealth of professional experience that provides “real” information and skills.

Off-campus training to experience the forefront of the fashion business!

In order to gain firsthand knowledge of cutting edge trends and to experience the reality of the fashion business, Otemae provides tours, internships, and practical training with our off-campus partners. Students can experience sales and internships in the shops of major apparel retailers and designers. Watch the design and sales of the hot, new "Tokyo Collection" and "Tokyo Girls Collection". In addition, experience the actual conditions of business and the way fashion is "connected by a single line" from material sales to the manufacturing in China. (Off-campus training-tour scheduled in advance. Those who wish it must register and there may be additional costs. )