Information Studies

Develop the skills and knowledge to survive in a connected world.

One step at a time, you gain skills you can use in the IT field

Students start from the basics, such as document creation and spreadsheet design. In 200 and 300 level classes they learn more advanced content, such as programming and system development. Our curriculum is carefully designed to move students up a step at a time, so they master computer skills they can use not only in daily life but also in business.

We have more than 1300 computers on our campuses, making the university a rich learning environment.

We have about 750 computers on our Sakura Shukugawa campus, and our Itami Inano campus is equipped with about 600 computers. We have also installed 45 servers. In classes, there is one computer to a person as students learn together and see demonstrations from the teacher on a projected screen and a master demo computer next to each work station. On our campuses, in addition to cutting edge computer technology, we also have an advanced e-learning system and online learning courses. Otemae is leading the IT education revolution in Japan, and our students hone their IT skills in a huge number of ways.