To understand the "mind", we must explores the way people relate to people.

Through a step-by-step introduction to the basics and application,
students gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

After students master basic knowledge of psychology in their introductory courses, they can study more specialized psychology. In youth psychology students learn the physical and psychological development of adolescents; in education psychology students learn the application of psychology from the point of view of education; and in social psychology students explore the psychology and behavior of a society. Students learn the study of the mind from many different perspectives.

Students select the theme they find interesting from their introductory courses.
They then move on to master the deeper knowledge.

Students chose themes that help them explore psychology in their own ways. They seek to unlock the "depths of psychology" by picking themes like using the Studio Ghibli movies to argue that "the world of the mind can be learned in the movies." In addition for students to explore psychology in their own way, there are numerous opportunities available for practice, so students can put the knowledge they learned in the classroom to work to gain actual experience.

Our courses can be used for employment purposes too!
Our courses also help students work towards the possible qualification of a "certified psychologist."

If students take the required courses, it is possible to become a certified psychologist as proof they have mastered basic academic knowledge and the skills of psychology. In many companies, people with this certification can work in labor management and human relations. Regardless of the industry, this qualification is an asset that employers seek!

Our curriculum changes and evolves to reflect the requirements established for certification by the National Diet.