Hospitality Management(Tourism Business)

To pursue the possibilities of "tourism in Japan".

Learn the structure and characteristics of tourism, explore the value and potential of the tourism industry.

In the Hospitality Management major, students study tourism to understand the structure and characteristics of the tourism effect. They learn the way tourism is created and promoted by the government, industry, local communities and residents, and how all of these forces work in cooperation to add value and beauty to people’s lives. "Tourism" is approached as a business and academic field, and at Otemae we aim to educate our students to be valuable contributors to the development of tourism.

We have a variety of specialized courses that conform to the national standards of tourism policy.

In addition to our tourism-based undergraduate program, we also offer more unique programs, such as "inbound business (or business to attract foreigners in Japan)" and our course on "Event Convention business (the planning and operation of a variety of events and international conferences)". By coordination and cooperation with relevant organizations, we cultivate practical abilities in our students and promote tourism policies and plans.

Gain qualifications you can put to use in the travel industry.

Students need national certifications that recognize your knowledge and skills in order to reliably carry out tourism business. We offer courses for qualifications such as “travel business handling administrator", "itinerary management chief" (recognition of the expertise to conduct tours) and the "tourist English test".