Learn business in English

Develop human resources to play an active role in the global business community

Our GBS program allows students to learn the specialized subjects of business taught in English. In contrast to “business English,” these classes train students with highly specialized business knowledge. The program aims to develop students to play an active role in global business communities. Our GBS program will continue to expand in the future.

Classes taught in English by business teachers who have rich, multinational business experience

All GBS faculty have both a college degree and a graduate degree (MBA). In addition to teaching in English, the teachers have extensive experience in the business community.
For example, the instructor of Business Strategy (Strategy) and Basic Marketing Theory brings the experience of being a business veteran in Japan to the courses.

You can also take the same courses in Japanese and earn the same credits

All GBS subjects are offered in Japanese as business management major courses.
Students can take these classes either in English or Japanese and earn credit toward their degree.
In addition, students can take the class in both English and Japanese, earning double credits. By taking both the Japanese and English courses, you can acquire more specialized abilities and language skills at the same time.