Learn about Japanese culture and the world in English

Global Study Certificate

If you take more than 30 credit hours of GJS and GBS subjects, you earn a Global Study Certificate [Certificates] in addition to a diploma that will be issued upon graduation.

Through GJS and GBS, we offer the equivalent of a "study abroad experience" on our campus

Our GJS classes are content and language integrated learning courses that offer subject matter at the same level of liberal arts education in the United States. The courses are a mix of Japanese students and students who are in Japan on a study abroad program in our university. The classes are held entirely in English, and the daily interaction with students from around the world reinforces our program and university as a space where students can have a "study abroad experience" in Japan.

Japan as viewed by the rest of the world

The GJS curriculum is made up of mainly of classes to learn about Japan and its place in the world.
By learning anew about Japan from the perspective of how the world views Japanese culture and society, students get a chance to reconsider their own thoughts and relationship to their home country.

Free to move between different cultures

“Learning in English” means that as you learn English you learn the background culture as well. The opportunity to learn differences between Japanese, and the differences in how different languages think about and articulate ideas naturally becomes a natural part of daily life.

The development of the habit to think of things in two different languages enables global ideas and allows students to move freely between different cultures.

Learn the value of Japanese language and culture GJS requires students to think deeply about their own Japanese language abilities and Japanese culture.
GJS is an important opportunity for students to question their ideas about their mother tongue and their own culture.