Classes to learn the fundamentals of English. We have 4 levels of classes, from beginner to advanced.

A program to learn "English you can use"

In our LEO (Language Education of Otemae), all classes are taught in English by near-native speakers. Every year more than sixty courses are opened in a common language shared on both our campuses.

To share your thoughts in English

LEO is not a so-called " English " class.
We believe that “conversation” is born between people and builds and strengthens personal connections. It is something that cannot be learned from people. In LEO, however, we give you the tools to convey your thoughts in English. Our program is focused on a balance of the four essential language skills, “reading,” “writing,” “listening,” and “speaking.” We help students polish English as a tool of communication, then help them cultivate their power to speak their thoughts in their own words.

Use English every day, learn English in English

At Otemae, language is not learned by translating one word at a time into Japanese as you speak to a partner. Rather than relying on Japanese-English translations as the main class content, for us learning English in English and to be immersed in English is the starting point of our program. To that end, we offer LEO courses every day. We recommend students take courses at least three times a week in order to quickly and dramatically improve their English.

Human relations is the base of language

Human relations are the most important things in language acquisition. People learn to speak because they want to know other people. Today, that is why people learn other languages, and why communication in English, as a global common language, is a tool to get to know each other across cultures. Increasingly, English is important to learn. And teachers of LEO, who specialize in English education, make their courses enjoyable, a place to learn with each other.

Main subjects of English Communication

LEO is the university-wide undergraduate English program. One course is two credit units, and many of the LEO courses are required or electives for the English communication major.

Organization of the class levels

At the beginning of students’ first semester, we administer a placement test. Our courses are divided into four levels. You will be placed according to your placement test results, but the level is not necessarily fixed. You can change levels each semester to try to challenge yourself or review material you feel you need to work on.
Learning with classmates who are at the same level can create a comfortable learning environment, but there are also benefits in challenging yourself to a higher class level!

  1. Beginner I

    For those just starting their study of English, a training in English basics.

  2. Beginner II

    Students continue to master English and to develop their abilities to listen, speak, read, and write through study of texts, grammar, and many other things.

  3. Intermediate

    Students continue to develop their advancing English skills through comprehensive study.

  4. Senior

    These classes are held at a level commensurate with courses at American universities. Students learn academic writing, thesis writing, research methods, and debate, for example.