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Application Requirements

For people with foreign nationalities, the following sections (1) and (3), or (2) and (3) apply.

  1. The applicant has finished or will finish 12 years of education in a foreign country by March 2016
  2. The applicant is determined to have qualifications equal to the above through a separate entrance qualification exam administered by this univeristy, and the applicant will be over 18 years of age by March 31, 2016
  3. Following the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, people with residence in Japan will have no obstacle to admittance; this applies to those who have the status of “exchange student” at the time of the entrance exam

Those applying under (2) above should confirm the required procedures before applying. Please contact us for more information.

Examinations and important information

For those with foreign nationalities, in addition to the application and examination, the following additional documents are required.

  1. A copy of a transcript of Japanese language classes and final grades for 2014 or 2015, or a copy of the results of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2
    ※If you cannot submit a transcript or grades from a Japanese language program, please contact us to ensure you meet our requirements for Japanese language ability.
  2. Copies of your grades in a Japanese language school and records of attendance (for those who are currently enrolled in Japanese language classes at the time of application)
  3. A copy of the pages of your passport that include your photograph, name, visa status, and the length of your stay in Japan or a copy of both sides of your resident card.
  4. Contact Form : The person to contact in case of emergency or problem (an adult who lives independently either domestically or in a foreign country) must submit the “Contact Registry Statement.” (This is a form officially issued by the university). Please contact us to have it issued.
  5. Resume: The student must fill out their resumes by themselves in Japanese. (This is a form officially issued by the university). Please contact us to have it issued.

If you have any questions, please contact this mail address :