Nagashima - a quick wrap-up and links

Dr Tanaka speaking with media about this year's project
Otemae students with Ishida-san and his memoir
Students hard at work translating

The Nagashima project ended on May 5, wrapping up a productive week of translation and team building for staff and students.

The goal was to translate Masao Ishida's memoir about his life and experience with Hansen's disease. Mr Ishida was the former chairman of the island's residents association. 

Dr Tanaka said it was a pleasure and privilege to return and continue working with residents and staff.

"Helping to document and translate important texts such as Ishida-san's memoir is an important step to preserving memories and lessons, not just for Japanese society but from an international human rights perspective as well," she said.

"Additionally our students got to be involved in a great team translation activity, improving their language and teamwork skills". 

We were also fortunate enough to receive some media coverage, from places such as the Yomiuri Shimbun, Channel KSB and the Kobe Shimbun.

The final goal for the project is UNESCO World Heritage site status for Nagashima.

More links, photos and information to come!   

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