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Hello again!

It may seem like Atsushi Wada news central here, but we assure you, more content from the rest of our amazing faculty is on the way!

Currently, though, Atsushi sensei has once again found himself in the news!

He was recently featured on the NHK World site, under its Anime Supernova section for his profile Surrealism through Simplicity.

A small excerpt:

“Atsushi Wada creates surreal worlds that are full of mind-bending details. He is known for the odd, humorous movement of his human and animal characters, which he draws entirely in thin pencil lines. Wada already has some overseas renown, having won a Silver Bear at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival.”

Please click through and check out some of the videos! 

A screenshot from the NHK Anime Supernova website

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