Speech contest winners for 2017

Nozomi speaking about ways to pursue your dream
Kiyoko sharing memorable milestones in her life
Risa talking about how the process of finding a job revealed new insights

Hi everyone!

Here’s a quick post about the winners from our recent 2017 speech competition.

Nozomi Okada took out first place for her speech titled “Dreamcatcher”. Nozomi shared three important things she’s realised she needs to achieve her dream to be a professional photographer – it is not how you succeed, but how you respond to failure; always think positively; and finally, the importance of surrounding yourself with inspiring people.

Kiyoko Kawamura won second place for her speech “Milestones”. Kiyoko shared important moments in her life, from her first study abroad experience to her critical years in high school.

Finally, Risa Mochida placed third with “While Job Hunting, I Found Myself”. Job hunting is an arduous process for any graduate, so this speech was very well received! Risa touched on many salient topics young graduates face in finding a suitable job and future identity.

The effort from all participants was impressive. I was fortunate enough to be involved as a coach (along with Shirley sensei, big shout out!) and all competitors put in a lot of effort.

Also, special thanks to our judges: Torigoe sensei (president of Otemae), Ishige sensei, Tanaka sensei, Gordy sensei and JJ sensei. 

Special mention must go to our staff too for helping out with all the behind-the-scenes tasks. 

We also had some fantastic Japanese speeches from our international and Japanese students. More on that to come!


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