Activities for our international students

Students at the Cup Noodles Museum.
Students at Katsuoji temple.
Students on one of many picnics during cherry blossom season.
Students taking part in a traditional tea ceremony.

Since the start of the semester, our Institute of International Education staff and faculty have done their best to organise events to welcome our international students and introduce them to some of the more notable areas of Kansai.
The trips are, of course, great ways for students to get to know each other while learning more about Japanese culture.
Here are some photos from recent trips around the Kansai area.
The students went to places such as Katsuoji temple in Osaka, the famous cup noodle/instant ramen museum, cherry blossom picnics and tea ceremony classes here at the university.
(Photos courtesy of Akemi san from the IIE office.)

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