5 questions, 5 minutes with Hiroyuki Torigoe


Otemae's president took some time out of his busy schedule to share a little about himself. 

1. Please describe your research background

      As a sociologist in the field of community and the environment, my main concern is water pollution. I have conducted research in many areas of the world, including China, England, Guatemala and Mongolia. I am also a cultural anthropologist, researching Japanese folk culture. 

2. Please tell us about any research that you will publish soon

      I am going to publish two books in Japanese, The Anthology of Field Research Methods by 20 Sociologists(ed.) and Narrations by the Community - Residents Who Suffered in the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.  

3. Why did you become interested in this field?

      When I was a graduate student, Japan was facing severe environmental pollution. However, at that time the number of researchers in this field was very limited because they were considered “anti-establishment”. If someone rebelled against this, it was difficult to find jobs, but I had no concerns about getting a job. I wanted to enter this field as a career. I’ve continued the same topic for more than 30 years.          

4. Are you interested in any international collaboration/research? 

      Sadly, I hardly have time to collaborate on international research now! But I will participate in a small international symposium on agricultural techniques and folk culture held at Shanghai University, China, this fall.  

5. What was the most recent English book you read? Why? 

      Elinor OstromThe Future of the Commons, 2012. Ostrom emphasizes the positive functions of local communities, rather than nations or states for the preservation of the environment.

Thank you Torigoe sensei! 

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