World Englishes, Bilingualism and Cross-Cultural Education in Japan symposium, 2018, wrap-up

Jon Dujmovich, Keio University, speaking about intercultural activities
Kensaku Yoshida, Sophia University, speaking about the meaning of language and culture in a globalised world
Organiser Shirley Ando and Kensaku Yoshida
Roundtable featuring, from left to right, moderator Jonathan Aliponga, CULI representatives Juthamas Thongsongsee and Reongrudee Maneepak, Kensaku Yoshida, Marian Wang, Naoko Nishimura, Yuri Nonami and Koichi Ando

A beautiful autumn day provided the perfect backdrop for an informative and enjoyable symposium on October 21 at Otemae University's Shukugawa campus.

We had 23 presenters share their insights and experiences across the topics of World Englishes, Bilingualism and Cross-Cultural Education in Japan.

We would like to thank our friends and partners at Kobe JALT, all our speakers and presenters, support staff and students, and attendees. We hope to do this again next year! 

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