Speech contest wrap-up 2018

The crowd at the Otemae Festival 2018. Note, our speakers didn't speak to such a large group.
Chiyo with Otemae President Hiroyuki Torigoe
Norika with Otemae President Hiroyuki Torigoe
Akemy with Otemae President Hiroyuki Torigoe

Hi everyone

We recently completed our annual 2018 speech contest. Our winner this year was Chiyo Takeda, with her speech "Depression - The Elephant in the Room". Chiyo shared her personal and inspiring story about depression, an issue prevalent, but rarely spoken about, in Japan. 

Our first runner-up was Norika, with her speech "Losing Our Humanity: Social Media Abuse".

Our second runner-up was Akemy, with her speech "My Mum is My Heart".

As you can see, the students are allowed to choose any topic they would like to talk about, leading to a great variety of contemporary - and heartfelt - issues.

We hope next year's participants will replicate such a high level of oration! 

Although our judges could only choose three winners, all participants produced excellent speeches. Hats off to them! 

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