Float on the Sound of Waves

Videography, Design, Manga
Namiko with her artwork, Return to the Sound of Waves

"Death seems to be a dark and bottomless void that erases all sound from the world".

That's a quote from the artist statement of Namiko Ookawara, who is currently holding her first solo exhibition in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

The exhibition's name is Float on the Sound of Waves, and more information can be found here

Namiko, a former student of Otemae University who majored in Design and English, is currently an artist and designer. Her instagram is @namikonicole.

Her full artist statement: 

Acceptance of inevitable death is a major theme in my art.

Death seems to be a dark and bottomless void that erases all sound from the world.

Yet, even after death, echoes of life surround us like the quiet reverberations after the petals wilt from the flower and fall to the earth.

These whispers cling to us, at times drifting closer and at others further afield.

For us, living is just drifting on these murmurs.

I will be happy if you catch them and enjoy my artwork.



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