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The Institute of International Education at Otemae University and the kaken research project, “Multicultural Japan: Effective Methodologies for Teaching Language and Culture to Japanese University Students,” invite language educators to submit proposals for an international workshop on cultural familiarity in EFL education for our symposium and workshop to be held on December 7, 2019. For our speakers, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Stephen Krashen and Dr. Gerry Yokota. 

Effective pedagogy and language education in Japan is frequently debated, with scholars often pointing out the failures and shortcomings of the current curricula in developing fluent speakers. Compulsory language education is often the target of criticism, but tertiary education has also been the subject of debate and reform. As more Japanese English learners study the language not to travel abroad, but to use English to work within Japan, the goals of the students and pedagogies teachers deploy in the English language classroom are shifting. Furthermore, in a world where English is a tool of communication in news, in business and online, it is of great importance that local language education is connected with larger global issues.


While recent scholarship has demonstrated the efficacy of culturally familiar contexts and sensitivity to multiple, or World, Englishes in language education, pedagogies in Japan have been slow to reflect this research. This workshop and symposium aims to bring together English language educators who are interested in the place of both local and global culture in the language classroom.


We invite papers from multiple perspectives, from research into culture in the EFL classroom, to materials creation workshops. We encourage presenters to think of the topic in broad terms and submit work that deals with local culture in the classroom.


Paper presentations will be thirty minutes, and workshops are one hour. 

Interested scholars should send an abstract (300 words) and their bionote (100 words) to by August 26. Acceptances will be sent at the beginning of September. Peer-reviewed proceedings from this symposium will be published by the Institute of International Education, Otemae University, in March, 2020. Manuscripts will be due by December 20.


This symposium is funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science under Grant 16K02945. It is free and open to the public. 

Conference Organizers

Koichi Ando, Kathryn Tanaka, Daniel Tang


We will also have a student poster session. Details above in the image. 

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