Otemae Journal of Research and Pedagogy Volume 6


It has been a challenging year, and while we are late in making this available online, we are now pleased to share the Otemae Journal of Research and Pedagogy Volume 6, which includes proceedings from a research symposium sponsored by Grant-in-Aid  (16K02945).

We are delighted to introduce a featured article by Gerry Yokota, and articles from Daniel Lilley, Margaret Kim, Wayne Malcom, Gordon Dale Carlson, Thomas L. Gullikson, David K. Groff, Laura Kurotobi, Farrah Hasnain, and Dara Francis Langley. We have also been able to include interviews with Gerry Yokota and Stephen Krashen. 

This journal will soon be available through Otemae's CELL Library Online Repository System. The Repository System is currently being updated, and in order to avoid further delay in making this collection of articles available, we are pleased this year to introduce it here on our blog.

A temporary link: The journal is available here.

We hope many of you will be inspired by these contributions to submit your own articles this year. For inquiries, please contact iie.info – at – otemae.ac.jp.

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Kathryn M. TANAKA

Kathryn M. TANAKA

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