Site Policy

Site Policy

This website ( is the public website of Otemae University and Otemae Junior College (hereafter this University). The following terms of usage apply.


The copyright for this website rests with this university. We refuse permission to reprint or reuse the contents of this website. Replication or use without the permission of the university will violate copyright usage and you may be subject to the penalties of trademark infringement.


If it is not for the purpose of profit, linking to the university website is permitted, but please inform Otemae University’s Admissions Office before linking.
It should be noted that, when this website is linked, you must comply with the terms and conditions below.

Content and URL on the university website may be changed or deleted without notice. In addition, the present conditions of use are also subject to change without notice.

This university does not assume any responsibility for websites of third parties that are linked to the university website, nor is it responsible for the contents of the website of third parties that are linked from this university web. The university is not responsible for compensation from third parties for the sites of link sources, or other complaints and claims.

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On the university website, there is content that requires plug-ins such as PDF or flash animation. To view this content, plug-in software must be installed. Please download the following.

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Necessary to view and print documents in the PDF file format.

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Your comments and inquiries about the university website should be sent to the following link.