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I had the opportunity to be an exchange student at Otemae University in the spring 2014 school year. To be so candid, I was actually not sure at first if it was the right option for me at that time in my life, but I was heavily encouraged to go, and I never regretted my experience there.
Each day, I would go to class with students from Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. I got to be very good friends with many of these students, and they opened my eyes to the world a little more. The teachers at Otemae were always extremely caring, and helpful, especially for the new students/exchange students, because we were all just learning about the university's schooling system, and being an international student can make one nervous at times. I relied heavily upon the help, and support, from these wonderful teachers. Each one improved my experience at the university. My fellow classmates also had such big hearts, and were willing to help if I had trouble adjusting to life in Japan. This really contributed to a healthy school environment for me. Otemae may be a small university in comparison to others, but that fact helps to foster a more inclusive support system, which is essential to anyone considering becoming an exchange student. The whole experience for me was more than academic; I learned many valuable lessons that I still apply in my life today, and refer back to often. Those kinds of lessons cannot be duplicated. I did not fully realize it at the time, but I realize now, more than a year later, that I will always cherish those memories, and all of the lessons I was fortunate enough to have learned.



Hello, my name is Megan and I’m from Washington State, and I had the pleasure of doing a study abroad through Otemae University! I served as an ambassador for my current school at the time, Everett Community College, and I also took part in a teaching internship through Otemae. While studying at Otemae, I was able to get acquainted with many of the LEO teachers there, and by far, they were some of the most down to earth, passionate people I had ever met. This group of teachers definitely took pride in their work with students and I was truly inspired by the effort and hard work they put forth into their jobs. Otemae was currently in the process of establishing new bonds between different foreign schools such as, the University of the Philippines, other American schools, and many more all over the world. I was provided the opportunity to continue my internship abroad to the University of the Philippines where I gave a speech to help advertise Otemae to other potential exchange students. Studying abroad was one of the most worthwhile decisions I had ever made, it allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and venture into a completely different environment where I hardly knew the native language, as well the culture. It was tuff at first, but after awhile I began to branch out and I met some wonderful friends. Not only did I become more confident as person, I felt more aware of the world and I wanted to continue traveling and seeing the world to broaden my horizons even further!
In conclusion, I highly recommend studying abroad it opens up many doors and possibilities. It's a once and life time opportunity and take full advantage of your experience!



The Otemae Exchange Program has honestly been one of the most life-changing experiences of my entire life. Otemae welcomed me with kindness, respect, and thoughtfulness. I made countless of awesome friends and became close to some really incredible teachers. As a student who had never left the country or even my home state before, it was definitely a new change for me. The whole trip had given me such a crazy thrill, that I gained an adventurous spirit to explore and involve myself into all of the communities around me. Having that, I learned so much about the culture of Japan, all of the amazing places within it, and gained a more personal level with the language. My language skills for adjusting pitch, listening, and understanding context has increased greatly since I went on this program. I’m truly thankful for the opportunity that I had to go on this program, and I would gladly go and do it all again in a heartbeat.


Annual Academic Calendar

  • 4Apr

    • Open Campus
    • Lifelong learning
    • Regardless of nationality
    • Opportunities
    • Region, race, religion,
    • Regardless of nationality
    • Nurture individuals with a strong
    • Region, race, religion,
    • Lifelong learning
    • Nurture individuals with a strong
  • 5May

    • Physical Education Spring Meet
    • Clean Campaign
    • Sakura Shukugawa Campus Women’s dormitory Welcoming Reception
    • Open Campus
  • 6Jun

    • Open Campus
  • 7Jul

    • Classes End
    • Open Campus
    • Extracurricular Freshman Camp
  • 8Aug

    • Open Campus
    • Summer classes start
    • Overseas Programs (New Zealand, America, Korea)
    • Study Abroad Programs (Korea, China)
  • 9Sep

    • Study Abroad Program (America)
    • Exchange Program (France)
    • Autumn Classes Start
    • Physical Education Autumn Meet
    • Open Campus
    • Spring Semester Grades Released
    • Add-Drop Period Ends
  • 10Oct

    • Otemae University Founding Anniversary (10.26)
    • Clean Campaign
    • Open Campus
  • 11Nov

    • Otemae Festival
  • 12Dec

    • Winter break
    • Clean Campaign
  • 1Jan

    • Winter break ends
  • 2Feb

    • Autumn classes end
    • Spring classes start
    • University Presentation Contest
    • Graduate Work Exhibit
    • Explanation Meeting for Inner-University Co-Ops
    • Extracurricular Leadership Camp
    • Heath check
    • Short term study abroad (Philipines)
  • 3Mar

    • Graduation ceremony
    • Graduate School graduation ceremony
    • Autumn semester grades released
    • Guidance for current students
    • Open Campus
    • Study Abroad Programs (America, Korea, China).

Dormitories and Scholarships


Intended for foreign students , there is a tuition fee exemption system . A person who has passed through the examination , I will reduction up to 30% of tuition fees ( except such as facilities and equipment costs, training costs) .

Dormitories (women only)

At Otemae, we have the dormitories listed below. Fees vary depending on the style of dormitory. At this time, we have women’s dormitories and the number of rooms is limited. For more information, please contact us.

  • Judy's Dorm Itami