Transfer Program (US university transfer and graduation system)

Students earn a final university degree in the United States of America

For students who study in our LEO program, then move up to our GJS and GBS classes, there is another step they can take to improve their English. In addition to both short –term and long-term study abroad programs, Otemae University offers a unique opportunity to its students: a dual degree program. Students can study at Otemae University and earn their degree from a Japanese university in three years (early graduation). They can then transfer to one of our partner institutions in the United States and complete an additional year to earn a degree from a United States university as well. Students who chose this program will graduate with two BAs, one Japanese and one American.

We also offer scholarships for students with excellent English ability

For students who score 80 points or higher on our entrance exam, we offer full or partial tuition remission scholarships for up to four years.
We are also opening a scholarship to support study abroad for approved students.
We welcome scholarship students who demonstrate academic achievement, English proficiency, and a willingness to learn. Scholarships are renewable each year and are based on academic performance. Students can apply for scholarships at any point in their academic career at Otemae even if they are not admitted as a scholarship student.