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Osaka has prospered as one of Japan's commercial and cultural centers since the Middle Ages and now serves as one of the nation's hubs for international business. Kobe is home to one of Japan's most important ports and has over the years developed a unique and sophisticated culture.
The Hanshin Region between these two very special cities has made great efforts to enterprisingly incorporate the cultures of other lands into its own bountiful existing traditional cultures. It has been within this fusion of Japanese and Western cultures that the region has developed its very own style often referred to as modernism.
Otemae Educational Corporation's campuses are located in this region of culture. Based on our philosophy, “STUDY FOR LIFE”, we have opened our doors to as many people as possible who seek opportunities to engage and further deepen their fields of studies.

Otemae University, Graduate School of Comparative Culture
  • Otemae University,
  • Graduate School of Comparative Culture

6-42 Ochayasho-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo 662-8552 Japan
[Phone] +81-798-34-6331
[F a x] +81-798-32-5040

Otemae University, Otemae College, Otemae City College
  • Otemae University,
  • Otemae College

2-2-2 Inano-cho, Itami-shi, Hyogo 664-0861 Japan
[Phone] +81-727-70-7822
[F a x] +81-727-70-6916

Otemae College of Nutrition, Otemae College of Confectionery
  • Otemae College of Nutrition
  • Otemae College of Confectionery

2-1-88 Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 540-0008 Japan
[Phone] +81-669-41-7698
[F a x] +81-669-46-9458

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