The Shuku River project


Hi everyone

JJ here. Today I’d just like to share with you a project we did to promote ecotourism around the Shuku River area.  

The Shuku River project was completed last semester in our GJS "Tourism World Geography" course. Basically, over the semester, we studied the geographical features of the river, both natural and artificial. We visited the source, middle sections and mouth in Osaka Bay, studying nature and observing how the river is used recreationally.

From observations and through websites such as the Nishinomiya Tourist Association and Ecotourism Japan, the students then eventually created posters depicting ecologically friendly tourism enterprises. The posters were presented at the Japan in the World, the World in Japan symposium and as assignments in the classroom.

JJ, centre, with students at the symposium presentations
Students identifying and spotting for local wildlife
Sketching geographical features
A student with her ecotourism poster - great effort!

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