Great Balls of Friendship

Some impromptu - and friendly - wrestling for the camera!
Students mingled over the tasty Japanese snack

In connection with the Otemae University International Exchange Center, a welcome “takoyaki” (fried octopus balls) party was held on April 24th for exchange students who arrived for the spring semester of 2018. In all, about 40 students took part in the event, hailing from Japan, China, South Korea, Myanmar, France, and the United States. 

The event offered an opportunity for students of various countries to engage in conversation as the Japanese students served takoyaki to their foreign counterparts. “I find it is so easy to make friends here", said French student, Gaspar Roland. "People are open and friendly.” “I arrived after the food was all gone, but it was still really fun!” added sophomore, Nozomi Okada, who lingered with friends for two hours after the event.

The desired effect for this occasion was to promote communication, friendship, and language exchange. When students are presented with opportunities to participate and meet new people, the result is the strengthening of human bonds and creating a sense of belonging at Otemae University.

Yummy takoyaki!

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