Comparative Culture

Learn from literature: Japanese traditional culture and the different cultures of the world

Students learn about the cultural milieu in the world and Japan, or in the past and the present, by comparatively reading literary works

In literary works, the culture of the times and the countries is reflected. Comparative literature majors study literary works in Japan and Asia, to learn the culture of Eurasia, Europe, or the United States. Through the process of reading comparatively, students learn about the nature of fiction and human behavior.

Learn how Japan and Asia exist in the literature of Europe and the United States

Students learn how to objectively view the Japan by studying how Japan has been represented in countries overseas, leading to a proper recognition of Japan’s presence in the world. Our students use their English conversation ability and their wide range of knowledge and complex fields of view to introduce Japanese culture and literature to the people of other countries. We train culturally sensitive scholars who are well able to contribute to the international community.

By studying literature, students cultivate a solid education with a deep the understanding of different cultures.

The foundation of education is to make sense of life and basic knowledge we all obtain and turn them into meaningful lessons. Students who wish to learn about Japanese culture here have the opportunity to do so with our specialists, through classical literary works and art. For students interested in Anglo-American culture, our faculty offers courses in the history of English and American literature in addition to art and language classes.