Why Otemae University?

The merits of learning

Get a broad education Liberal Arts College

From cutting edge arts such as manga and animation creation to Japanese traditional arts such as dye craft and confectionary. With three departments and twenty-two majors, students can design their own interdisciplinary education according to their interests and get a broad education.

Toward a Person who Contributes to Society C-PLATS®

Learn to use what you learn as a base to think for yourself and take action to solve difficult problems, creating social value. Society needs people like this. At Otemae, we don’t offer classes where you are simply taught; we teach classes to develop 10 skills that can be used to discover and solve problems.

Take classes in English toward your degree

Learn about Japanese culture in our Global Japan Studies (GJS) or major in business with our GBS (Global Business Studies) courses.
In both types of courses exchange students from many countries study in English together with Japanese students. You can take the classes in English or in Japanese and either will count for your major. By taking classes in both Japanese and English, you linguistic skills will grow while you earn your degree!

Main GJS/GBS Courses for the 2015 Academic Year

Introduction to Japanese Literature
Comparative Studies of the US and Japan
Race, Culture, and Religion
Introduction to Japanology
English as a Tool of Communication
General Business Administration
Management Strategy
Basic Marketing Theory
Business Planning
Administrative Management

For foreign students, we offer classes in Japanese language. We have classes to teach basic skills such as speaking, reading, There are also classes to learn Japanese using drama and pop culture.

The Kansai Area

The Attractions of the Hanshin Area: Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kobe

Osaka has been a commercial and cultural center in Japan for hundreds of years, and now serves as an international business hub. Kobe is home to one of Japan’s oldest and most important parts. Over the years, a uniquely Kansai culture has developed there.
The Hanshin region between these two cities has embraced international cultures and blended them with Japanese tradition. The region has thus developed its own international yet regional style.

Sake Breweries and culture

Nishiinomiya is among the most famous spots for sake brewing in Japan, right next to the internationally recognized brewery district, Nada Gogo. It’s an area where the delicious water means the sake is outstanding and has been known for hundreds of years all over Japan as a famous sake brewing area.

Images of Kobe and Hanshin

Nishinomiya and Shukugawa have a rich literary and film heritage. Tanizaki Jun’ichiro’s museum is nearby, and the area is the setting for The Makioka Sisters. Akiyuki Nosaka (Grave of the Fireflies) and Murakami Haruki (Norwegian Wood) also take place in and around Nishinomiya.

Images of Kansai

The Kansai area has been the center of business and culture since ancient times. An area with an original and individual culture, it is dotted with smaller areas of interest. The historic cities of Nara and Kyoto are also nearby.

Campus Life

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