European Culture/American Culture

Using literature and daily life, learn the world of European and American culture.

Develop multiple perspectives through culture that connects to global ideas.

Both traditional culture in Europe and the new culture of the United States has had a great influence on Japan. We approach this topic through area studies, and cultural history, drawing on a variety of perspectives, such as tourism. The question of culture therefore becomes an interesting and interdisciplinary subject.

Draw on entertainment to compare and consider European and American culture

From the Vienna opera to Broadway musicals, from Greek mythology to Hollywood epics, to Disney animation. Cultivated, refined culture in Europe was blown up in a new way in the United States. We comparatively consider the ways in which these cultures had a major impact on modern and contemporary Japan.

Seniors can work on graduate research on a variety of themes.

The following are a part of senior research themes: Greek mythology, Norse mythology, the story of King Arthur, the Lord of the Rings saga, the Harry Potter saga, Grimm’s fairy tales, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the cultural history of Christmas, coffee and dependency, afternoon tea sweets, food culture (potatoes, pasta, tomatoes, etc.), obesity in the United States, from Madonna to Lady Gaga, and national identity as seen in American comic books.