Japanese History

Not a Japanese history that you memorize—a Japanese history that you think about

Think about history from many view points, and examine questions of why events happened

The history we learn at Otemae is different from history as taught in high schools, where they emphasize the memorization of facts. We think about historical questions like, why did an event happen? What social conditions were background factors in the event? We study history objectively and from many different angles. We rethink accepted historical narratives and complicate them, redefining what history is and the way it is studied.

Study broadly: The Middle Ages, Early Modern, and Modern History. Learn with fieldwork!

In Japanese history alone, Otemae University has four specialists broadly covering diverse historical periods. We also offer studies in archaeology, so students can gain a knowledge of the beginnings and earliest traces of history.
Because Nara and Kyoto are only an hour away by train, our students gain a wealth of field work experience.

We have a curriculum for middle and high school teacher certification and museum curation certification

For people who want to use the history they learn in university in their jobs, we have developed a curriculum that supports students in earning their middle or high school teaching certification or gaining certification in museum curation. If you complete the required classes, you can be certified. Your future possibilities will open wide!