Eastern History/Western History

From learning about history to thinking about the present and future

Learn broadly about eastern and western history. Study multiple perspectives in an objective way.

At Otemae we don’t simply study history. We look at it from multiple perspectives, and this allows an in-depth and nuanced historical understanding. Depending on our approach, we can make new historical discoveries and connections. Using our studies of eastern and western history, of the materials and research library at Otemae, we construct a new history with a consideration of many angles and ideas.

We think about present human relations and society from the perspective of history as a social movement

In addition to studying history, we believe it is important to think of history as a social movement. By studying history, we can understand our present and receive hints for a better future. By studying the lessons of history, we learn more about society and being human.

Develop global ways of looking at things through research methodology

There are many ways of approaching historical study: era, region, or theme, for example. From the basics through to advanced study, our students learn multifaceted historical approaches, and can pursue their interests in the way that they think best. They can study by era, by theme, or by region. Through the process of study, students develop a universal understanding that connects to their own ethics and values.