Confectionery/Pastry Art

Explore the academic potential of confectionery arts.

Beginning with the basic technology of confectionery arts, our students learn the history and culture as well as the management skills needed to open a confectioner’s shop.

Confectionery skills include, of course, confectionery-related basic skills (language), as well as the history, culture, and management of shops. Our students also study the art and chemistry of confectionery, to learn sweets-making from a variety of perspectives in our "Sweets Studies program". Taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge of our faculty, we explore the new possibilities of confectioneries. Students take two years to learn the basic skills, and beginning in their third year they improve the technical capabilities, art and science.

Take full advantage of our network of confectionery education and professionals who have many years of experience.

The confectionery course at Otemae University draws on the connections and expertise of its professional confectionery and patisserie branch. We expanded our specialized course into a four-year university major so that students could obtain national qualifications as hygienic confectionery professionals. We are partnered with famous confectioneries and patisseries all over the Hanshin area, giving our students valuable on-site training in addition to classroom experience.

In collaboration with our partners off-campus, we develop products that get attention.

This department is committed to active collaboration with our off-campus partners, not only in Kansai but around Japan. In February 2015, together with our partners in Miyazaki prefecture, we announced a fresh cream-based “kumquat chocolate”. This was promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as part of its regional business planning centered on confectionery development, the "Tachibana Road Project". In addition, in March of the same year, our university announced a seminar into the science of confectionery and coloring. In collaboration with three private companies in Matsusaka city in Mie prefecture, we released the prototype of a "confectionery box" that has a cold storage function that can be widely used in industry, government, and academia.