Faculty of Global Nursing

GLABAL NURSING-In a country of diversity, Japan, we aim to be a “HEKOTARENAI(Resilient)”
nurse who can provide equal care to all people.

Bachelor of Nursing- Specialized in nurses and learn the latest nursing basics.

In order to cultivate nurese with a solid foundation, we are developing learning specialized in acquiring nursing qualifications. We will constantly incorporate the latest medical technology and medical equipment to acquire the skills necessary for medical professionals now and in the future.

Internationality- Cultivate communication skills that are stand by people who have diversities.

Communication skills as well as excellent medical knowledge and skills are essential as necessary skills in the medical field used by diverse people. Students will acquire the ability to understand, accept, and respect diversity, and acquire "easy" Japanese/English proficiency that is easy for foreigners to understand.

Practical nursing skills- Deepening flexible nursing skills at a variety of training sites.

Students will acquire the responsiveness required for nursing situations at hospitals, medical institutions, NPOs, and other training facilities in Japan and overseas. Throughout the four years, students will learn about the issues of modern society, initiatives for improvement, and the diversity of nursing in the community at various training facilities.