Manga Arts

Under professional faculty guidance, pursue the possibilities of manga.

Our manga faculty teach one-on-one and include Kato Kazuhiko (Monkey Punch), the creator of "Lupin III".

Our first-class manga faculty includes distinguished professionals such as Kazuhiko Kato (Monkey Punch), Yoshimi Kurata (Flavor First Monme) and Ueyama Tochi (Cooking Papa). In addition to studios, we have classrooms equipped to handle manga character production by computer. Students can consult teachers about story devices as well as art, and they learn in an state-of-the-art environment.

Graduate Exhibitions of student work are held on the Otemae campuses and in Tokyo. Students are awarded prizes for outstanding work.

Our students have succeeded in the manga industry, with a large number of graduates winning debut and rookie artist awards, such as those sponsored by publishing companies. We further open a "Graduate Exhibition" on our campuses and in Tokyo. In particular, a number of media officials attend our Tokyo exhibition, and this has become a stepping stone to our students’ professional debuts. In addition, we invite editors and leaders in the publishing field from Tokyo to give our students advice about their work.