Movie Animation

Cultivate the power to create your own kinds of video expression.

From animation to live-action video, students learn production and editing techniques that are applied to a wide variety of video expression.

When people hear "visual expression" they most often think of movies and anime, but visual expression is by no means limited to that. Video expression also includes news and documentaries, commercials, and many more—the field and material is endless and as such our teaching material is very versatile. In this department, we teach without being biased toward movies and animation. We aim to introduce our students to video representation in a broad sense, and give them the basic knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Specialists in each field of the video representation, lead our program with their highly specialized knowledge and technology.

The areas our faculty cover include the flow of projection mapping, the mainstream of digital signage, and the future, such as cutting edge video animation technology and its further evolution. Our professors include experts on cell animation (Hamatsu), CG animation (Imanishi), and hand-drawn animation (Wada). In addition to our three full-time faculty, we have professionals who teach sound technology, video editing, and stop-motion filming as well.

In addition to video skills, students also learn basic "media literacy" or the "power to decipher video messages."

In this department, messages and information received through various media and the ability to decipher them (“media literacy”) is also cultivated. Students learn how television commercials and news titles can convey information. This allows students to use all available techniques in the production of their own works.